EN   Občianske združenie (S)KUL(P)TÚRA is an open and independent civic society operating in accordance with relevant laws, articles of  association, organizational rules of the association and its legitimate interests. The association is a group of natural and legal entities who  pursue their activities in the field of culture.   OZ (S)KUL(P)TÚRA was established in 2008. As indicated by its name, it is intended to organise and promote collections and exhibitions of  works of art with focus on Slovak visual art. The civic society focuses primarily on promotion of events at local, regional, national or  international level, but also on development of creativity among children, youth and adults. It contributes to rise public awareness by means  of projects in the field of visual arts.  The target group for OZ (S)KUL(P)TÚRA are people of any age, interested in Slovak visual art and creative activities that support  development of art and self-awareness in relation to today's cultural problems and issues.   Activities undertaken by the association are funded from membership fees and gifts from sponsors.   We believe that you will support our efforts to promote Slovak art at international level and to make it accessible to as many people as  possible either in Slovakia or abroad also in 2010 and we wish to thank you in advance for that.   CORE BUSINESS The core business of OZ (S)KUL(P)TÚRA includes the following activities in particular:  o Primary focus on works and art of national artist Ján Kulich, administration of works of art and their maintenance, organisation of  exhibitions, management of deposits of works and their professional digitalization  o Promotion of Ján Kulich's works at national and international level, participation at his exhibition, organisation of exhibitions in Slovakia  and abroad  o Focus on visual culture development, organization of exhibitions of both professional and amateur artists  o Development of cooperation with Slovak and foreign cultural institutions, professional and non-professional artistic associations and  personalities, as well as with non-governmental non-profit organisations specialising in art and culture  o Organisation of educational activities, seminars and workshops designed to improve theoretical, technical and artistic level of non-  professional and newbie artists  o Publishing of periodical and non-periodical press materials, publications, promotional and information materials  o Administration of an Internet portal promoting artist's and its activities  o Intensive cooperation with foreign partners on participation at international events in the field of art  GOALS OF THE ASSOCIATION The main goal of OZ (S)KUL(P)TÚRA is to make comprehensive works of national artist prof. Jána Kulicha known to general public, both in  Slovakia and in other countries.   "Prof. Ján Kulich is one of the most remarkable people in Slovak sculpture. Potent and fundamental results were achieved especially in the  domain of monumental sculpture, portrait sculpture, petty plastic works and drawings. His contribution in the field of plaquettes, medals and  coins is extraordinary and it is legitimate to consider it in global parametres."   He is the author of the well-known sculptural group named The Brothers of Thessaloniki, equally famous sculpture of Matica slovenská in  Martin or the monumental statue of Jánošík in Terchová. One of his most renown sculptures named Bratislava is located in front of the  building of the National Council of the Slovak Republic; his most recent work is the Equestrian Statue of Svätopluk at the Bratislava Castle.  Ján Kulich is the author of stunning memorials in Dukla, Slavín or the SNP Square in Bratislava and many other places. He was involved in  academia, serving as a professor a rector of the Academy of Visual Arts and Design for many years. To name some of his other famous works  of art, let us mention sculptures named Crucification, Morena, portraits of Jozef Miloslav Hurban, Milan Rúfus, Martin Kukučín and other  important individuals from Slovak history.   Works of this sculptor can be found across Slovakia. His artistic achievements include numerous coin and medal designs in addition to a cycle  of petty free-standing reliefs called From Our History and Wedding Ceremonies. His works were presented throughout the world, he  participated in several international contests and was awarded many prizes, including the prize of the Il Convivio International Academy in  Milan for his statute Bell Maker in 2005.  He fell into oblivion, or even disfavour, in the last 20 years, becoming almost unknown for the public.   Another important goal is to build exhibition premises in Zvolenská Slatina, the village where Ján Kulich was born. A permanent exhibition  of artist's works is planned here. At the same time, these premises would be used as a platform to organise exhibitions of other authors or any  other cultural events.  An open-air studio and gallery will be located at the place of a former Protestant parish house - the house where Terézia Vansová was born.  Many important personages involved in cultural life lived and worked in Zvolenská Slatina during the Slovak National Revival, such as  Samuel Medvecký, Ján Alexander Fábry, Michal Bázlik and Viliam Figuš Bystrý. A memento reminding these times and persons will be an  original wall from the 18th century parish house, the so-called Memorial Wall, which will be incorporated into the gallery. There is a  memorial room of the Slovak writer Terézia Vansová nearby. Terézia Vansová is an important person not only in terms of Slovak literature,  but for the national history in general.   The civic society has been created to spread and promote Slovak culture and its credibility and efficient spending of raised funds it  administers is guaranteed.   home page biography awards works about the author contact Copyright © Radomír Markovič REVEREALISE